Staffing in the cannabis Industry is time consuming. As the market continues to emerge, our clients rely on us to find the best talent to grow with its business. Cannabis Staffing Group is a pioneer in this fast-paced, nascent industry. As your firm grows and expands, we are here to share our network of qualified employees in this ever-changing market. We keep up with the changes that come with new businesses and will be one step ahead anticipating your hiring needs.

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We identify top talent and skills required to propel your business towards its next achievement.

We are small enough to know you but large enough to fill your roles! Our values and goals utilize integrity, communication, timeliness, and efficient methods to save hiring managers time. Our goal is to find your ideal candidate suited to your specific openings to assist your firm to advance and thrive in this exciting industry.

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Our services include staffing permanent, temporary / contract, and temp to hire. Traditional dispensary and cultivation roles in addition to finance, IT, marketing, and sales are all in our domain. If you need someone outside if these areas, ASK! We are recruiters. We recruit for you; we don’t rely on a database!

The Cannabis Industry is a hot market and arguably the fastest-growing market. Ambitious, qualified professionals are the core of our network, and we are here to present the best of the best.


The cannabis industry’s regulations are not finalized in many states and will continue to evolve. It is imperative to follow your state’s current regulations.

All U.S. States have requirements to work in the Cannabis Industry. Some call them licenses, some badges, some registration, etc. Background checks are required as well.

***Please check with your local State in order to determine eligibility.

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