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As we continue to blaze the hiring trail, our experienced recruiters understand the types of people you need on your team will be different than other industries. The talented and experienced staff we present to you will have diverse backgrounds with top-notch skills and experience. Balancing the right people with the right skills is critical when hiring the right people to run a successful operation. Our recruiters have an average of 15 years of experience in recruiting. We will help guide you to create the best team possible.

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Our Nationwide Network Consists of Everyone You Need.

Producing, merchandising, and vending cannabis are amongst the most well-known tasks involved in the industry. We know there is more, much more! Scientists, doctors, nurses, operations/manufacturing, IT professionals, accountants, sales representatives, marketing personnel, and safety and security are all key to running a successful cannabis business operation. Our nationwide network consists of everyone you need from staff to mid- and C-level employees.


Right People With the Right Skills

Hire the right people with the right skills and the right attitude with the ability to handle change. Your staff hired through us will have the best work ethics and will take pride in your craft and products with the best interests, health, and safety of your end-users in mind.


No fee, Veterans free!

Cannabis Staffing Group would like to give back to our Veteran Community. Hire any nonexempt employee from us, and we will waive the placement fee!

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