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Budtender Training : Budtenders- the smiling faces that educate, package, and send us off with beautiful plant (marijuana) and/or plant products (oils, topicals, beverages, etc.). Though this type a position is similar to a Bartender and/or a Sales Associate, the training and qualifications have a few differences. Depending on the state, certifications, training, and coursework may be needed. 

The legality of Cannabis on the east coast looks like this:

Budtender Training

Cannabis is booming in the Northeast! Every state has some form of legality and that means- the demand for Budtenders is on the rise. Forbes, an American business magazine, says:

One of the most in-demand positions on the scene is the front-of-the-house-sales-professionals known as Budtenders”.

A recent report from the Detroit Free Press, a local Detroit based publication, says:

Budtenders are being sought out with a vengeance right now”.

Industry Desired Budtender Skills and Qualifications

There are many ways to gain experience and many educational centers offering training programs. Its important to keep in mind that some states have worker permit requirements to work in the Cannabis industry.

Let’s look at Oregon for example. Oregon is one of the 11 recreationally legal states and is regulated by the Liquor Control Commission of Oregon. The requirement is that all Budtenders be age 21 or older, and that everyone obtain license/permit. All Budtenders that actively handles marijuana, must have a permit to secure or sell marijuana items.

You want to be sure to look at the law in each state. As for experience and qualifications, it’s good to have the basics:

  • Cash Handling
  • Customer Service
  • Maintaining the appearance of the dispensary
  • Promoting a positive work environment
  • Knowledge of Cannabis/ Cannabis laws

Budtender Training on The East Coast

For those on the east coast that want to train for careers in the Cannabis industry, to gain knowledge and experience in Cannabis, these educational centers and Cannabis programs on the east coast are a great place to start:

  • Cannabis Training University (Online)
  • THC University (Online)
  • Cannabis Training Institute (Online)
  • Clover Leaf University (Online)
  • The Trichome Institute (Online)

It’s great that these online courses are available. They allow students to become educated at their own pace; however, online/distant learning isn’t for everyone. For those that prefer traditional    cv classroom learning, check out:

  • Hempstaff’s Training for Cannabis Dispensaries (classes in multiple states)
  • Leafy Pro’s Budtender Training (classes in multiple states)

Though there is no required degree, it is important to get familiarized and educated on Cannabis, the industry, and what it takes to the best Budtender.

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