Illinois Marijuana Dispensary Training

Illinois Marijuana Dispensary Training :

Congrats on legalization Illinois- 2020- the year recreational Cannabis legalization landed! With that landing came JOBS and that is always a good thing! Many are seeking Cannabis employment opportunities, especially positions as Budtenders.
Budtenders are similar to a customer service representative/ sales associate. They are the people behind the counter, educating you THC vs CBD, edibles, and RSO, and state legality for weight/quantity.
In Illinois, though dispensary leadership must offer in house training, the state requires that you be trained by them also. In Illinois, the law is, the state must train employees in Cannabis, and so must the dispensary. There is also training and coursework for personal development/growth.

Cannabis Dispensary Training in Illinois
There are many training opportunities to take advantage of in the Illinois Cannabis industry.
Hempstaff- offers traveling training, meaning, they come to legal states and offer training courses/ seminars.

LGA, Leafy Green Agency- based out of Illinois, offers various industry certification training, including dispensary training.

Oakton Community College- an Illinois college is offering the states first college course of its kind which is focused on aspiring Budtenders.

CTU, Cannabis Training University, joined forces with the Illinois Cannabis College to provide coursework and training on all things Cannabis.

Aurora Cannabis Consultants has been approved as “trainer” and offers Cannabis dispensary/Budtender training that qualifies as tax write-offs.

Cannabis Training Institute is an online institution that offers certified Cannabis courses for dispensary positions.

State of Illinois, Cannabis Dispensary Employment Requirements
In a recent article in Belleville News, they discussed Illinois state requirements for Cannabis dispensary employees:
Undergo Background Check

Submit an application and obtain an identification card from the state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (employees in IL must have this I.D to work the Cannabis industry).

New employees must go through 2 sets of training: one from the state and another from the dispensary.
A little insight into state training:
Cannabis consumption health and safety, its physical effects, the onset of physiological effects, recognizing impairment, and the appropriate responses in the event of over-consumption.

Laws and regulations regarding driving while under the influence.

Prohibitions on sales to minors.

All relevant Illinois laws and rules.
The state requires that dispensary training cover:
The point-of-sale system and the state’s verification system.

Proper inventory handling and tracking.

Specific uses of cannabis or cannabis-infused products.

Regulatory inspection preparedness and law enforcement interaction.

The legal requirements for maintaining status as an employee.
An important note from Belleville News:
“The department may not issue an ID card if the person has been convicted of a felony offense, but it is required by law to consider evidence of rehabilitation and mitigating factors in the applicant’s record, such as the amount of time that has passed since their conviction and circumstances of the offense.”

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