The Best Paying Entry-Level Cannabis Jobs for Newcomers

The Best Paying Entry-Level Cannabis Jobs for Newcomers

Those transitioning into the Cannabis industry may be wondering the type of position that will get their foot in the door (in the industry) and still allow payment of bills and care for the family. Let’s face it, may of us work years for the salaries that we have and giving them up isn’t easy.
But- what if I told you that Cannabis jobs are growing so fast that experts say Cannabis will beat the manufacturing industry when it comes to job growth? It’s true! Cannabis is booming and even entry-level jobs in this field are paying way more than minimum wage. Let’s get into it.
Best Paying Entry Level Cannabis Jobs for newcomers and Their Average Pay. In the Cannabis industry, these positions are considered good-paying entry-level positions:

Budtender– $30K annually
Trimmer– $25K annually
Growing/Cultivation Assistant- $30K annually
Delivery Driver– $37K annually
Sales Representative– $58,800 annually
It’s important to note that salaries vary by company and location- and recreational vs medicinal laws may also impact these figures a bit. Also, because Cannabis is a newer industry with many people wanting to make a transition- all newcomers are in competition for getting hired. Let’s talk about a few tips.

Advice for Cannabis Industry Newcomers
Many businesses and those in positions that make decisions, like to see someone that has taken ownership of their development. Many companies offer training however, it is always a positive plus when they see that someone has already started the process- on their own. This shows leadership that the applicant takes their personal development seriously.
Your resume! It’s very important that your resume speaks the language of the position that you are applying for- not a rundown of your entire career history.
A mentor in the industry is a great person to have! Someone that is already working in the industry can help you navigate.
Networking is huge. Attending industry events/conferences/seminars/webinars is a good way to make connections in the industry- but also a good way to learn more about the industry.
Set up Google alerts for the industry, the position(s) you’re interested in, and the companies that you want to learn more about. This will keep you in the know and that is important!

Lastly- check your state laws around Cannabis and employment. If your state requires a license/certification to be employed in Cannabis on any level- that has to be the first task a newcomer to the Cannabis industry must accomplish.

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